Dewalt D25733K SDS MAX Rotary Hammer 110V

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Dewalt D25733K SDS MAX Rotary Hammer 110V

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Dewalt D25733K SDS MAX Rotary Hammer 110V
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You can extend the warranty on your DeWalt power tool to 3 years by registering it within 4 weeks of purchase.

To register, visit the DeWalt website ( LINK ) and enter your product information. 


In addition to the integral clutch, the DEWALT anti-rotation E-Clutch system offers technology capable of detecting the motion of the tool. This feature senses the motion of the tool and shuts it down if necessary. The red indicator LED illuminates when the E-Clutch System is engaged.

Protects user from the effects of vibration, including numbness and tingling in the hands, allowing them to get work done more quickly without fatigue.

Tool maintains speed under heavy loads, including in higher PSI concrete, allowing the user to get the job done faster.

Offers users more control by adjusting speed of drilling or chipping based upon the thickness and density of the material they are working with.

Gives users the ability to drill and demolish concrete in one tool, saving them money by not needing to buy and maintain 2 tools.

Service brush light near the handle notifies the user when it's time to take the tool in for service

Comes With:

Carry Case


Input Power:  1600W

Modes:  Rotary, SDS Hammer, Chisel, Rotation-Stop

No Load Speed:  177-355/min

Impact Rate:  1,350/2,705/bpm with 13.3 joules

Capacity:  Concrete 48mm, Core Drilling 125mm