Dewalt DCC1018N-XJ 18V XR Brushless Compressor Body Only

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Dewalt DCC1018N-XJ 18V XR Brushless Compressor Body Only

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Dewalt DCC1018N-XJ 18V XR Brushless Compressor Body Only
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The Dewalt DCC1018N-XJ 18V XR Brushless Compressor brings cordless flexibility to a select range of ‘corded’ tools.

Ideal for nail guns, breakdown services, emergency services furniture builders and more, the DCC1018 brushless compressor delivers an increased level of maneuverability and reliability to a wide range of tools.

Utilising both 18V and FLEXVOLT Batteries, when used with a FLEXVOLT battery, the compressor delivers up to 9.1bars (140PSI) of pressure.  The quiet operation compressor is impressively lightweight compared to other cordless, and indeed, to corded versions.

The compressor, with 10 litre tank and Free Air Delivery of 31 l/min @ 7bar, provides incredible performance levels and optimal capacity with 0.3kW / 0.4HP output power.

The OneTurn Regulator saves time and provides consistent performance.  But what is OneTurn…?  Traditionally, compressors have two separate gauges, one that measures tank pressure, and the other that measures the actual regulated output pressure flowing through the couplers and into the air tools.


To adjust the regulated pressure on these compressors, you have to turn the regulator knob and wait for the regulated pressure gauge to catch up. Rather than having a separate regulated pressure gauge, the regulated pressure is controlled by the OneTurn regulator. The user is able to set the OneTurn regulator knob to the desired BAR and the compressor will then self regulate (just like the knob on a gas stove that controls the flame).

Brushless motor delivers longer runtimes, less maintenance and better power control

9.7 Bar / 140 PSI, 31 l/min @ 7 BAR (Free Air Delivery), 0.3kW / 0.4HP

Offers cordless solution for corded tools

OneTurn Regulator for easy operation

Use with FLEXVOLT Batteries to maximise potential