DEWALT DCMPW1600N-XJ 2x18V XR Brushless Pressure Washer Body Only

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DEWALT DCMPW1600N-XJ 2x18V XR Brushless Pressure Washer Body Only

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DEWALT DCMPW1600N-XJ 2x18V XR Brushless Pressure Washer Body Only
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The Dewalt DCMPW1600N-XJ 2x18V XR Brushless Pressure Washer is cordless. But unlike other battery-operated pressure washers, they still need a constant supply of water to operate – this one doesn’t…making a TRULY cordless pressure washer.

With so many user-friendly features, its hard to know where to begin.

The DCMPW1600 operates using two 18V batteries to power a 36V brushless motor. The inclusion of the brushless motor allows the washer to deliver three pressure operating modes, Low (70 Bar), High (80 Bar) and a Boost Mode (110 Bar). These modes increase the intensity of the flow of water from the source. In Boost mode, the pressure washer will allow a maximum of 8mins at 110Bar before reverting to the previously selected mode.

The impressively durable and portable washer, thanks to the 8” / 20cm Rubber Wheels which are tough enough to endure work site conditions, has a self-priming mode for easy and quick set up. The washer is built within a roll cage to protect it from work site knocks and bumps, as well as allowing for easier transport.

Better still – you do not need to connect this to a mains water supply. Supplied with a 6m suction hose, you can drop this in a bucket, a lake or other nearby water source. Many accessories are included to ensure you can start working almost immediately.

Conveniently, all the accessories are either attached to the pressure washer or stored in the large compartment, reducing the risk of losing any of the accessories.

At the heart of this washer is the brushless motor that allows you to use it efficiently. As part of the design, the tool utilizes every bit of battery power when you need, all while reducing the need for ongoing maintenance by reducing the amount of heat generated and working more efficiently.

The technology in creating a brushless motor system allows for perfect symmetry between battery power and usage ensuring you get all the power you need, when you need it.

Brushless Motor delivers longer runtimes, less maintenance and better power control

Truly cordless solution - does not need to be attached to mains water supply

3 pressure modes including Boost mode

Length 6m long pressure hose

Includes self-priming mode for fast setup


Case: No Case

Voltage: 36V

Number of Batteries: 0

Battery Compatibility Dewalt: 18V Li-Ion

Brushless Motor: Yes

Pressure Rate (BAR) 70 / 80 / 110bar

Water Flow: 273 l/h

Hose Length: 6m

Power Supply: Cordless

Dimensions: 500 x 400 x 790mm

Buying Option: Bare unit

Pack Size: 1

Product Weight: 16kg


1x Dewalt DCMPW1600N-XJ 2x18V XR Brushless Pressure Washer - Body

1x Gun & Metal Lance

1x 6m High-Pressure Hose

1x 3m Self-priming hose kit

1x Turbo Rotating Nozzle

1x Adjustable (Fan-Pencil Nozzle)

1x 0.6L Foam Bottle

1x Transparent Inlet Filter

1x Hose Connector

1x Nozzle Cleaning Pin