DEWALT DW089K 3 Way Self-Leveling Multi Line Laser

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DEWALT DW089K 3 Way Self-Leveling Multi Line Laser

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The new DW089K is an upgrade to the DW088K. The DW089K can be used both indoors and outdoors with a 50-metre range with a detector for outdoor use. This Multi Beam Laser has 3 beams so it does everything the DW088K did but with the additional line you can create crosses at 90 degrees on 3 points in the room (Horizontal, Vertical and Side Lines) An additional feature includes the ability to fine adjust the line for ultimate precision on the vertical and side beams
DEWALT DW089K 3 Way Self-Leveling Multi Line Laser
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Self-levelling cross line laser is accurate to ± 0.3 mm/m in levelling applications

Self-Levelling up to 4 degrees surface angle with automatic out of level indication marks a levelled line in seconds

3 button operation and low battery indication for ease of use

An adjustment dial for fine line movement (vertical and side)

Built-in magnetic pivot bracket mounts easily on metal surfaces

Overmolded housing helps maintain calibration under job site conditions

Includes 4 x AA batteries for 25 hours runtime

Kit box protects unit and helps maintain calibration when stored in gang box


Battery Type: 4 x AA batteries

Direction of Beams: Vertical / Level

Indoor Visibility Range: 15 metre

Laser Class: 2, <1mW

Levelling Accuracy: +/- 0.3 mm/m

Number of Beams: 3

Power Supply: 6 volt

Self-Levelling Range: +/- 4 degree

Tripod Connection: 1/4"

Length: 135 mm

Width: 80 mm

Height: 145 mm

Weight: 0.0008 kg



4 x AA size alkaline batteries

Wall mount bracket

Heavy duty carrying case