Dewalt DWST08061-1 TOUGHSYSTEM 2.0 Adjustable Work Light with Storage

Dewalt DWST08061-1 TOUGHSYSTEM 2.0 Adjustable Work Light with Storage

Dewalt DWST08061-1 TOUGHSYSTEM 2.0 Adjustable Work Light with Storage

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TOUGHSYSTEM 2.0 Case AND Task Light in one!

2x 2000 Lumen Task lights that folds away with 360 Degree Rotation

Connects to other TOUGHSYSTEM Storage Cases. Half Size format!

Cordless Lights Compatible with 18V XR Batteries

7 different illumination modes, 3-16hrs runtime!



The Dewalt DWST08061-1 ToughSystem 2.0 18V Task Box & Light from ITS is really something else.

In a nutshell (or should that be in a ToughSystem) the Dewalt DWST0806-1 is a storage case and versatile site lighting set up all in one.

In terms of storage, this open tote follows in the footsteps of other recent Dewalt ToughSystem 2.0’half width’ cases.  Ideal for carrying a huge range of power tools, hand tools and much more, the tote includes ToughSystem connectivity on the base side, so that you can easily connect to others within the range thanks to the Auto-Latch Side Staking latches.

The lid of the case is where it gets clever.  Working together with the case or independently, two bright LED light panels brings illumination to any work area.  Whether you need it for precision work, or just to brighten up a dark workspace, the LED work lights deliver up to 4000lumens and can be turned up to 360° to suit your needs.

Powered by 18V XR batteries, the light can work from the floor, on top of a ToughSystem box tower, or from a lighting tripod.  If there is the capacity, you can even hang it from above.  Each light can be adjusted over 7 different illumination modes while a power display on the front lets you know how much battery you have left.

At full power, the following batteries will offer….

DCB183-XJ (2.0Ah 18V) – 1.2 hours

DCBP034-XJ (1.7Ah 18V PowerStack) – 1.0 hour

DCB182-XJ (4.0Ah 18V) – 2.2 hours

DCB184-XJ  / DCBP518-XJ (5.0Ah 18V / 5.0Ah PowerStack) – 3.0 hours

DCB546-XJ (2.0Ah 54V) – 3.6 hours

DCB547-XJ (3.0Ah 54V) – 5.4 hours

DCB548-XJ (4.0Ah 54V) – 7.2 hours