DEWALT DWST83402-1 ToughSystem Mobile Tower Tool Box

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DEWALT DWST83402-1 ToughSystem Mobile Tower Tool Box

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DEWALT DWST83402-1 ToughSystem Mobile Tower Tool Box
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DeWALT DWST1-81052 Toughsystem Tower on Wheels the ideal stack allowing tools of various sizes to be stored and transported from job to job or workshop to job.

The DWST1-81052 Portable Kit is made up from

1-70-321 DS150 Toughsystem Box,

DEWALT DS400 TOUGHSYSTEM 2.0 Toolbox DWST83342-1

DWST1-75668 DS450 Toughsystem Mobile Store.

DS150 Specifications:

Colour: Black

Storage Volume: 15 litre

Load capacity: 60 kg

Width: 550 mm

Depth: 336 mm

Height: 158 mm

Weight: 2.6 kg



Easy close Metal Wire Front Latches - Providing Easy One Handed Operation

Auto Stacking Latches - Intuitive, Easy To Use And Time Saving Latches For Connecting Modules Together

Half Module Compatibility- Allowing Half Width Modules To Be Connected To The Box

Wider & Stronger Handles - Better Ergonomics and Stronger

DeWalt Tracker Ready - Internal fixing point allows DEWALT Tracker to be installed and box tracked via DEWALT Tool Connect

Metal Reinforced Padlock Eye- Providing Superior Security To The Contents

Name Panel Inserts - Allowing Boxes To Be Labelled Up By End Users For Easy Identification Of Contents

554mm Wide x 371mm Length x408m Height


DS450 Specifications:

Colour: Black

Storage Box Capacity: 50 kg

Carrying Capacity: 70 kg

Width: 480 mm

Depth: 100 mm

Height: 600 mm


DS450 Features:

Structural foam material

Lid opens with a rotating handle

Anti-rust latches

Side handles

Side latches for modular stacking

Bi-material telescopic handle

Wide gripping area for pushing and pulling

Padlock eye

IP65 level seal