Makita DML805 LED Work Light 220V

Makita DML805 LED Work Light 220V

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Makita DML805 LED Work Light 220V

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2-mode, multiple power source bright and even LED lighting for large workspaces

The new Makita DML805 LED work-light will run on 240v mains power or 14.4v and18v Lithium-ion batteries from the Makita range.


The twenty 0.5watt LED’s provide a bright and even light and there is a full beam and low level setting on the simple push button control. The light unit is mounted in a rugged molded carry cradle with flat base and top handle that can serve as a hanging bar. A simple rotating knob releases the angle setting which can spin through 360°.


Ideal for site operations this work-light features Makita Extreme Protection Technology, XPT, against water and dust ingress. It has three tripod mounting options as standard.


Using a 4.0Ah 18v Makita Li-ion battery the DML805 LED work-light has a continuous run time in high setting of a useful 6.5 hours