Metabo ASR 25 L SC All Purpose Wet/Dry L-Class Vacuum 110v

Metabo ASR 25 L SC All Purpose Wet/Dry L-Class Vacuum 110v

Metabo ASR 25 L SC All Purpose Wet/Dry L-Class Vacuum 110v

Metabo ASR 25 L SC All Purpose Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Metabo's vacuum cleaner/dust extractor is designed to be as effective as possible with many different suction tasks. It provides enough airflow for even the most demanding dust-extraction jobs such as wall chasers, planers, table saws and core drills.

As well as for general vacuuming and dust extraction jobs, this can also be used for liquid vacuuming, excellent for cleaning up after plumbing works, or after completion of first-fixing to remove settled water. When the machine detects that the maximum fill level has been reached for liquids, it automatically shuts off to prevent leakage.

The ASR 25 L SC has a power-take-off port, matching the input voltage/plug type of the machine. As well as being able to power the tools that need dust extraction, the vacuum can also detect when the power tool (such as wall chaser) has been started, and then start up the vacuum.

"SC" stands for Self-Clean, and when in this mode the machine will use electromagnetic technology to shake the filters occasionally in order to remove caked dust and improve the efficiency of both cleaning performance and filtration.

The suction hose is 3.2 metres in length and 35mm in diameter, backed up by an air flow rate of 4380 litres per minute. The vacuum has a container capacity of 25 litres, to allow long periods of vacuuming without needing to empty the machine.


Can be used for wet or dry vacuuming.

Comes with range of accessories.

Accessories easily stored onboard.

EU L-Class dust extraction certification.

Generous 3.2 metres of 35mm suction hose.

Available in either 110v or 230 volt versions.

Power-take-off plug to match supply voltage.

Auto-vac when the attached power tool is started.


1 x ASR 25 L SC Wet/Dry Vacuum
1 x 35mm x 3.2m Hose
1 x Handle Adaptor
2 x Plastic Suction Tubes
2 x Polyester Filter Cassettes
1 x Fleece Filter Bag
1 x Crevice Nozzle
1 x Universal Nozzle