Trend Lock Jig kit

Trend Lock Jig kit

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Trend Lock Jig kit

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The Trend Lock Jig offers a level of precision and finish that is difficult to achieve when cutting lock and latch mortises by hand.

Router Specification
The Lock Jig can be used with any router fitted with a 30mm guide bush and a 12mm diameter long reach cutter. Ideally a 12.7mm (1/2 inch) collet router should be used to take advantage of the extra length available by using a 1/2 inch or 12mm shank diameter cutter Trend TR37. This will produce a mortise depth of up to 70mm, suitable for most shallow bodied locks and latches.

For deeper mortises and when using a smaller collet capacity (1/4 inch or 8mm shank cutters), the depth can be increased using an auger or flat bit.

Two sets of steel templates are provided with the jig, a lettered set (A to D) for the lock body mortise and a numbered set (1 to 12) for the lock faceplate. When routing the template is securely held to the face of the jig by two strong magnets. A chart is supplied with the jig for correct selection of templates for all popular locks.